A better patient journey by design

Nelus AI technology assists optimize workflow challenges in healthcare organisations through process redesign and machine processing of qualitative and text driven information. Nelus solutions ensure care needs are provided at the right time by decreasing over referral and improving triage, leading to better efficiency, cost savings and outcomes. 

Our Approach

Our products change the way and speed in which patients progress through clinical pathways of private and public health organisations. We achieve this through the use of simple and persuasive interfaces and by processing qualitative, unstructured data.  Our technology applies proven chatbot and machine learning technology within an integrated solution that interfaces with Electronic Health Record systems. This enables patient screening and outpatient management, the benefits of which save both time and money by streamlining the human decision-making process. 

COVID-19 has exacerbated the need for optimisation of the efficiency of patient assessment, treatment and after-care in healthcare systems across the world. Many private and public clinical services have become significantly less or, in some cases, completely inaccessible.  Non-urgent elective care waiting lists have ballooned, resulting in extended delays for patients. Health Providers and Commissioners pay for unnecessary secondary-care referrals which are costly.

We partner with health agencies worldwide, offering a consultancy service that brings success in the design and implementation of e-health solutions. We use the proven expertise of industry experts to deliver e-health solutions tailored to local markets. Our team and technical partners are trusted leaders in strategic IT solutions, bespoke software development and implementation.  We are experienced in forming productive partnerships with key stakeholders to design and build high throughput and scalable solutions in healthcare.

Our management team have two decades of commercial, IT management and software development experience across Europe and North America, having worked across a range of technical and project management capacities, organisations and sectors.  Collectively we have successfully delivered and/or contributed to over 160 commercial, knowledge transfer projects, and built strategic partnerships with small, large private and third sector companies as well as local, national government.  We have also successfully delivered technical projects for the NHS, regional health boards, commissioner and trusts, Cancer Research UK, national and regional government, various transnational Innovation and Research and Innovation Institutes and the European Commission.

Product Pathway

BoothBot is a patient or professional (clinician) facing decision support tool which saves costs and supports clinicians by helping to identify eligible patients that qualify for referral to specialist private community clinics or hospital services.

Our Team

Idong Usoro, Chief Technology Officer

Idong brings extensive experience in developing and embedding real-time data-driven software and practical digital health innovation with experience in the UK, Europe and North America having worked with the NHS, Government, Private Health Companies, SMEs, and FTSE 100 companies. 

Idong Usoro brings a strong commercial and research background to his work having lead research innovation projects with Cancer Research UK, the Innovation Agencies and the European Commissioner.

Idong devised and led the alpha development of the AI vetting tool and Referral Bot pilots which are at the heart of the Nelus AI offer. He initiated and led these feasibility projects in collaborations with NHS Health boards, Government and technical partners. 

Suzanne Lothian, Project Coordinator

Suzanne joined Nelus AI in May 2020 as a Project Coordinator / Junior Project Manager. She has previous experience in a project management environment and has Portfolio, Programme & Project Offices (P3O) and PRINCE2 certifications. She has an MSc in Management with Marketing and a BA (Hons) in Business Management from Edinburgh Napier University. Her role within Nelus is to manage the day to day processes, undertake research and ensure all projects remain on track and deliver on schedule and within budget. 

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