Data driven digital transformations for maximising

customer experiences

Nelus AI technology optimises workflow processes and decision making in professional service organisations. This is achieved through machine assisted processing of qualitative and text driven information by skilled workers. Nelus solutions ensure tasks and client goals are appraised and actioned at the right time, maximising profitability and the customer experience.

Delivering actionable timely insights that streamline corporate workflows

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Why Nelus AI?

Technical capability: Extensive software solution design and development experience across multiple cloud, enterprise infrastructure technology stacks and sectors.
Accessing and processing sensitive and highly regulated data: Successful track record in navigating data governance regulation and ensuring appropriate compliance to access data and deployment of Machine Learning (ML) techniques to develop our solutions.
Embedded standards and processes: Experienced with ISO, international electronic data transfer, security standards and API environments, utilised by turnkey client and practice administration solution providers.
User Centric and End user codesign: Expert user and enterprise infrastructure focused designed solutions.

How our solution helps

Instant decision support on manual document or text driven processesAnalysis of qualitative and quantitative data to identify and highlight key findings or recommendation of probable outcomes, based on past cases. This can better support case or enquiry appraisals and inform triaging to next stages or tactical decision making. 

Workflow process managementBy delivering actionable, timely insights within complex manual decision making processes to streamline corporate workflows.

Customer Experience By reducing friction and optimising administrative processes and systems this enables a smoother, more positive, personalised and faster customer experience whilst providing a more holistic approach to customer care.

Resource Maximisation By automating manual processes and reducing inefficiencies, this helps utilise resources by maximising (or in some cases increasing) delivery capacity from finite skilled professional resources.