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Nelus AI technology assists optimise workflow challenges in healthcare organisations through process redesign and machine processing of qualitative and text driven information. Nelus solutions ensure care needs are provided at the right time by decreasing over referral and improving triage, leading to better efficiency, cost savings and outcomes.

Intelligent data extraction from electronic patient records

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Why Nelus AI?

Technical capability: Extensive software solution design and development experience across multiple cloud, enterprise infrastructure technology stacks and sectors.
Accessing and processing sensitive and highly regulated data: Successful track record in ensuring appropriate compliance to access data and deployment of Machine Learning (ML) techniques to develop our solutions.
Embedded standards and processes: Experienced with ISO, international electronic data transfer, security standards utilised by turnkey solution providers.
User Centric and End user codesign: Expert user and enterprise infrastructure focused design of our solutions.

How our solution works

– Narrative based primary care referral data, from NHS systems, then trained with outcome data from regional health boards.

– Structured and unstructured pathology management guidance and validated algorithms.

– Integrated module that processes real time data using AI (ML/NLP algorithm) driven software to provide actionable insights for guidance on human led vetting and administrative processing in the cloud or on premise.