We deliver consultancy

and advisory services

We have the expertise and knowledge across a wide range of sectors to help you deliver your own AI driven workflow and process optimisation solutions within your business or to your clients.

Technology, design and roadmaps 

AI Technology from the future that can be deployed today and designed for all key steps necessary to get your business to where it needs to be. Our developers, and solution architects work with your team to design the technology around your business needs today and for tomorrow. We utilise the right technology stacks for your business on Azure, AWS and IBM Cloud and container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes using open or commonly adopted technology standards in the sectors we operate within. This may involve devising a roadmap for phased iterations of your R&D strategy, product or technology environment to provide focus and prioritisation to your technical and business teams.

Data modelling, cleansing, analysis

Advisory on data processing techniques, strategies and formats needed as the secure foundation for deploying off the shelf, bespoke machine learning techniques or business rules for high quality results, actionable insights or automation within your software as required within your solution. This minimises and optimises development risk, time and costs involved and allows you to leverage data science expertise and experience for as long or as short as your project requires.

Data governance

Provision of strategies and proposals for safely utilising highly regulated datasets (Healthcare, Financial Services) within your solution and navigating complex processes whilst ensuring full compliance with information governance regulations and organisational policies. The benefits of which include strategies and development of proposals for access of tightly regulated datasets, minimisation of lead time, breaches and mitigation for compliance risk, improving the overall risk profile of your research and development strategy.

R & D strategy

Delivery of innovation, research design and development of strategies within your product and engineering processes from concept to launch. This may include support with devising proposals, data collection methodologies and repositories for clinical trials and research studies. We will utilise our highly successful track record to help improve your technical proposal for securing research, grant funding calls and private investment.  Our management R&D success has seen us develop and deliver innovation projects across multiple sectors in the UK with UKRI, Innovate UK, SBRI, NHS, Cancer Research UK, Scottish Futures Trust, The Digital Health and Care Institute and the Data Lab to name a few.  At EU level we have partners on Horizon2020, FP7 and Erasmus programmes.