Nelus AI technology assists optimise workflow challenges in healthcare organisations through process redesign and machine processing of qualitative and text driven information. Nelus solutions ensure care needs are provided at the right time by decreasing over referral and improving triage, leading to better efficiency, cost savings and outcomes.

                Our Products & Services

Harness real time data

Utilise SaaS business and licensing models

Incorporate broad technical experience, IT leadership and commercial acumen

Deliver customised assistance/guidance 

Actionable insights

Focus on delivering business cost savings and streamlining of processes

How eclinix works

  eclinix is an upstream clinician facing AI decision making tool. It interfaces electronic health records and deploys machine learning techniques like natural language processing (NLP) to emulate an expert consultant undertaking triage of referrals from primary care.

What are the benefits?

Reduced inappropriate referrals

Reduced surgical list cancellations

Reduced waiting times

Improved cost savings

Improved patient satisfaction

Why AI?

Data that could facilitate better decision making is submerged in untapped narrative data. AI techniques including natural language processing can harvest meaning from data for decision support.


What makes us different?

Systems redesign: In house deep clinical pathway knowledge.

Accessing and deploying sensitive and regulated data: Successful track record in ensuring appropriate compliance to access clinical data and deploy Machine Learning (ML) techniques to develop our solutions.

Embedded Standards and Processes: Experienced with international Healthcare Electronic Health standards and technology stacks utilised by turnkey solution providers including HL7, FIHR.

Usability by experts: Clinical user and turnkey infrastructure focused design of our technology.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Can your software provide a confidence score?

Yes, our AI models provide an accurate confidence score that represents the probability of an error being found within each outcome recommendation.

Is your tool classed as a medical device?

No, although we anticipate a future iteration and the way the product will be used would be classified as a medical device.  We are actively working with certification experts to ensure certification to UK, EU and US device regulation standards.

Can you extract and process data from images?

Our AI-powered interface makes it easy to extract and process metadata from images and a number of other document formats. 


How has eClinix been received by the Hospitals?

eClinix has been successfully piloted in NHS Scotland hospitals and it has been positively received by Government health leads, 2 Scottish NHS hospitals including Opticians, Ophthalmologists and other key hospital stakeholders. The product has also been presented and awarded internationally to clinical, technical communities and Medical Health record providers. Clinical peers and technical partners have described the product as generally applicable across multiple pathways.


Do you offer foreign language support?

No, not at this time, but this is a priority feature within our development roadmap.


Does the product comply with Data/IT security regulations

The product has been designed with data, security, eHealth and information governance specialists to ensure compliance to GDPR, Information, Security regulations/laws and clinical data interoperability standards, such as, FIHR and HL7.



How can I integrate with my existing IT systems?

eClinix is sold as a module within an end to end Electronic Medical/Health Record solution, and is available within select turnkey infrastructure providers and regions. Please contact our sales teams for more information on how to see a demo of the system or explore licencing eClinix in your hospital at [email protected]