Nelus AI technology assists optimise workflow challenges in organisations through process redesign and machine processing of qualitative and text driven information. Nelus solutions ensure business workflow tasks and decisions are actioned efficiently and at the right time by instantly processing, appraising, indexing or recommending outcomes from voluminous forms, notes and quantitative information.


 eclinix is an upstream clinician facing AI decision making tool. It interfaces electronic health records and deploys machine learning techniques like natural language processing (NLP) to emulate an expert consultant undertaking triage of referrals from primary care.


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                Our Products & Services

Harness real time data

Utilise SaaS business and licensing models

Incorporate broad technical experience, IT leadership and commercial acumen

Deliver customised assistance/guidance 

Actionable insights

Focus on delivering business cost savings and streamlining of processes

Why AI?

Data that could facilitate better decision making is submerged in untapped narrative data. AI techniques including natural language processing can harvest meaning from data for decision support.


What makes us different?

Systems redesign: In house deep clinical pathway knowledge.

Accessing and deploying sensitive and regulated data: Successful track record in ensuring appropriate compliance to access clinical data and deploy Machine Learning (ML) techniques to develop our solutions.

Embedded Standards and Processes: Experienced with international Healthcare Electronic Health standards and technology stacks utilised by turnkey solution providers including HL7, FIHR.

Usability by experts: Clinical user and turnkey infrastructure focused design of our technology.